How it works

1.You will be assigned another person to which you should send a book to arrive before Xmas. 2.Send whatever book you like, with or without message or revealing who the sender is. 3.You will receive a book by another creative mind that can hopefully inspire you.

Let’s spread knowledge
and inspire each other.

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Participations for the 2023 edition are closed.
On November 19th 2023, you got an email with the person’s address that got randomly assigned to you and to which you have to send your book.
The book can be whatever insipred you, but it should be in English, unless it’s a book with mainly illustrations.
The book has to arrive to the other person before Xmas 2023, so please check how long delivery time might take and send it ahead of time.


What kind of book should I send?

This is a creative community. It can be an inspiring book about your craft or work, it can be a book that is special because of it’s design or simply something that inspired you because of the content, story or it’s meaning.

How should I send the book?

If shipping the book by post is expensive in your country, you can also send the book via some of the following services that should offer free worldwide shipping: Amazon or BetterWorldBooks. If you also want to send a personal note you can send that one via post, as that should be much cheaper.

How does the matchmaking work?

All participants will be randomly matched with another person. The person to whom you have to send your book will not be the same person that will send you your book.


The Book Givers was born to connect creatives around the world that share the love for books and the love of gifting them to other people.

Books make such a wonderful gift: they can lift someone up, fuel curiosity, make us think and can change someone’s life.

The Book Givers is all about spreading knowledge and about inspiring each other.